Sorrento Portraits

This project is inspired by a return to Detroit, my hometown, after a long time away and returning to see the decay and desolation in my neighborhood. This prompted me to write an essay, which turned into a video poem music video, “D-City Blues.” This all lead to Sorrento: My Block, a collection of portraiture copper prints of each of the remaining houses on my block (30 in all). This work also include a memory book of photos of the different families on the block during the 80s and 90s. The 30 prints, video poem and memory form the complete Sorrento exhibition. This project celebrates the houses of the block and all of the memories and stories they hold.

The poem “D-City Blues” has been selected to be in the forthcoming book I Just Wanna Testify: Poems About Detroit Music, edited by M.L. Liebler, to be published in Fall 2018 by The Michigan State University Press.

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