SquareRoots: A Quilted Manifesto is a call to recognize that mathematical artas world artflows through fundamental elements of human culture and physical reality as a universal voice of nature, where periodicity meets randomness, form meets spirit and truth meets meaning. This collection of works spans the areas of visual mathematics, art, craft, fashion, video and poetry. The central project consists of 13 mathart quilts based on the number Pi and Pythagorean mathematics done with Amish quilters from Sarasota Florida; 5 Pi Dresses that explore issues around the body, race and combinatorial diversity; a 12-bar blues based on Pi recorded by Kenny Drew Jr. and the Pi Day Anthem featuring John Sims and Vi Hart. The project also includes a concrete mathart poem, performed in a video in German by Johannes Curtis Schwarzenstein, the AfroGermanJewishMathArtPoetthe artist’s alter ego.