06/13/2016 02:35 pm
Now that we have done the Memorial Day Confederate flag burning and burial across the country two years in a row, one might think that perhaps it is time to consider a more peaceful moment of reconciliation, emotional transcendence, and patriotic unity.


10/29/2015 04:57 pm ET
It is undeniable that music can be a powerful force in tearing down cultural curtains, promoting social justice and empowering the kind of social transformation that we saw inspired by Louis Armstrong to Elvis to Sammy Davis Jr., from Nina Simone to Bob Dylan to Disco to the positive elements of Hip Hop.

Thinking about the Bahamas and Irma in 2017.. https://t.co/mrPTHbOepQ

Here is a recent letter I wrote to Senator Rubio about gun violence. RIP to the victims in El Paso and Dayton. #brokenheartedagain https://t.co/ZcD2YH5d80

Burn and Bury Confederate Flag Memorial Day event at 7pm est here: https://t.co/5xPEfSBmDX

For full Burn and Burn Confederate flag Memorial Day Support Kit Video go to: https://t.co/FZMuc2sGOk https://t.co/GzmjvLnu9U