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Thinking about the Bahamas and Irma in 2017.. https://t.co/mrPTHbOepQ

Here is a recent letter I wrote to Senator Rubio about gun violence. RIP to the victims in El Paso and Dayton. #brokenheartedagain https://t.co/ZcD2YH5d80

Burn and Bury Confederate Flag Memorial Day event at 7pm est here: https://t.co/5xPEfSBmDX

For full Burn and Burn Confederate flag Memorial Day Support Kit Video go to: https://t.co/FZMuc2sGOk https://t.co/GzmjvLnu9U

Please join me today at 7 pm est for the 4th annual Burn and Bury Memorial Event. If you are interest in doing your own event check out the support here: https://t.co/FZMuc2sGOk